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"Kiyomi means “cute” in Korean slang, and is a tribute to the owner’s only daughter, Azaly. "

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 Our Story

In a private room located inside of the grand establishment of Sukho Thai in Centropolis, Laval, a dream was created in 2013 and has since been preserved. Kiyomi was envisioned as a trendy and funky Korean restaurant in contrast to its elegant sister. Geared with its own private entrance and bar, it is a whole new world to explore and experience, literally right next door, or should we say wall?

The conception of this restaurant was accompanied by the existence of the owners’ only daughter as a tribute to her. From her squeezable cheeks to her adorable persona came the inspiration behind the brand that is Kiyomi. Meaning to describe a person as cute in Korean slang, it was what the little girl, Azaly, embodied since her birth. In the same way that she grew into her years, so did Kiyomi grow into the world of events.

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Not only is it a unique restaurant that provides a delicious comforting meal to your table, but its space provides the perfect setting for all kinds of events. Ranging from a multitude of festivities to professional business matters, the room is equipped with a sound system, projectors, and karaoke. Best of all, over the years, other private rooms have been added to meet the demands of our clientele and each with its own distinct characteristic. However, one fact remains the same and that is at your accessibility, a team that is more than capable of planning and executing a function to remember. 


Eventually, Sukho Thai and Kiyomi branched out with more event space to cater to the demands of celebrations and gatherings. To this date, there are four rooms available and each with a distinct characteristic to meet your requirements.

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